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JohnZ's Writing - Below is technical material written by the late John Hinckley (aka JohnZ). John was a CRG member who wrote several Reports for the CRG and wrote the technical articles for Corvette Enthusiast Magazine. There are also several relevant Tech Columns from the Corvette Enthusiast Magazine that respond to reader's questions about technical problems. We are pleased to publish these articles on the CRG site. They provide a wealth of practical information on relevant topics.
He also wrote a book about his time working for Chevrolet and GM that we are pleased to publish.

GM Documentation - The lower section of the page contains original GM reference material with Camaro-related information, mainly Service Information Bulletins (SIB's) and Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's)

Some of the documentation is in pdf format and Adobe Reader may be required to view them. It is free to download at Adobe.
John's articles and columns are the copyright property of the Camaro Research Group, and are subject to the same restrictions as any other data on our web site.


CRG Research Reports, by John Hinckley

The Automobile Business - from the Bottom Up, by John Hinckley

JohnZ's entertaining book about his time working at Chevrolet and General Motors. The Automobile Business - from the Bottom Up  

Technical Articles by John Hinckley

Tech Bench Columns, by John Hinckley

Each of these responds to a reader's question about a technical problem and offers recommendations and solutions.

Books and Resources

Service and Information


The following is original GM documentation with Camaro-related information.
Service Information Bulletins (SIB), Canadian Product Service Bulletins (PSB), Service News, and Dealer Communications are generally distributing product, feature, or option information.
The Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) describe specific problems that have been observed and detail the resolution of the issue. Product Campaign Bulletins (PCB, aka recalls) are for problems that are safety related.

1967 Documentation
1968 Documentation
1969 Documentation


DocumentDate   Topic
1967 Order Form  Aug 67 1967 Camaro Order Form
SIB 67-I-5  p.2 12/19/66Repositioning Camaro Driver's Seat
SIB 67-I-7  p.2  3/10/671967 Passenger Car Choke Applications
SIB 67-I-8 3/23/67 Speedometer Gear Specifications - 1967 Passenger Cars
Service NewsJune 67 Camaro Carburetor Usage - 396 Engine with TH400 Tranmission
SIB 67-IC-128 7/15/67 New Heavy Duty Ring Gear Usage (12 bolt in the L30/M20)
TSB 67-T-5  p.2 12/13/66 Inoperative Power Windows - 1967 Chevrolet and Camaro
TSB 67-T-6 1/03/67Body Modifications (sunvisor and seat cable)
TSB 67-T-12  p.2  2/14/67Camaro - Seat belt requirements (rear seatbelts)
TSB 67-T-13 2/17/67 Camaro Accelerator Pedal Modification - 1967 Camaro
TSB 67-T-15 3/06/67 Four Season Air Conditioning Information - Chevrolet and Camaro
TSB 67-T-16  p.2  3/06/67Rear Riding Height - 1967 Camaro and Chevrolet
TSB 67-T-18 3/10/67 Inoperative Camaro Headlamp Doors
TSB 67-T-21 3/17/67 Incorrect Speedometer Drive Gear - 1967 Camaro and Corvette
TSB 67-T-25  p.2  4/24/67 A.I.R. Pump Contamination on 1966-67 L6 and 283 / 327 Cu. In. Engines
TSB 67-T-29  p.2  5/08/67 Rust Under Vinyl Roof Cover - 1965-67 Passenger Cars
TSB 67-T-30 5/12/67 Rear Wheel Hop - 1967 Camaro - (radius rod service fix)
TSB 67-T-31  p.2  7/27/67 Leaking Oil Pressure Gauge Hose - 1967 Camaros with Console Mounted Gauges and 396 cu. in. Engine
TSB 67-T-35  p.2  5/24/67 Driveline Shudder - 1967 Camaro
TSB 67-T-38  p.2  6/07/67Front Door Glass Scratched - 1967 Camaro
TSB 67-T-43 6/15/67 Quadra-Jet Malfunctions - 1965-67 engines
TSB 67-T-49 7/25/67 Three and Four-Speed Floor Shift Control Complaints - 1967 Camaro
TSB 67-T-51  p.2  8/24/67 Slight Electrical Conductivity Through Horn Button - 1967 Camaro
TSB 67-T-52  p.2  8/25/67 Slow or Inoperative Power Operated Folding Top - 1967 Camaro Convertible
TSB 67-T-53 9/07/67 Rocker Arm Stud Pulling - 396 and 427 Cu. In. Engine
TSB 67-T-5710/12/67 Air Conditioning Information - 1967 Chevrolet and Camaro


DocumentDate   Topic
1968 Order Form  Aug 67 1968 Camaro Order Form
PCB 68-C-12   p.2  9/09/68 Monojet Carb Throttle Lever to Throttle Rod Interference - L4 and L6 engines
SIB 68-I-14   p.2 10/18/67 Viscous Fan Clutch - Improper Diagnosis (Pontiac)
SIB 68-I-411/23/67 Dealer Modification of Air Pollution Control Equipped Vehicles
SIB 68-I-512/05/67 Improved Ride by Selective Tire Mounting - 1968 Passenger Cars
SIB 68-I-6 6/20/68 1968 Passenger Cars with Optional TH350 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
SIB 68-IC-73 9/14/68 1967 Manual Steering Gears Used in (late) 1968 Production
TSB 68-T-1  p.2 10/13/67 Rough Idle - Early 1968 Engines with QuadraJet Carburetor
TSB 68-T-210/19/67 AIR Pump Noise - 1968 Models with AIR system
TSB 68-T-11 1/02/68 Whine Noise in Radio - all 1968 Vehicles
TSB 68-T-12 1/02/68 Instrument Cluster Ground Circuit - 1968 Passenger Cars
TSB 68-T-19 1/18/68 Positraction Chatter - 1967 & 1968 Vehicles
TSB 68-T-21 1/26/68 Incorrect Turning Radius on Dealer Installed Power Steering Units - 1968 Camaro
TSB 68-T-22  p.2  1/30/68 Restricted Air Flow Astro Ventilation System - 1968 Camaro Sport Coupes
TSB 68-T-25  p.2  3/05/68 Heat Damage to Engine Wiring Harness - 1968 Passenger Vehicles with 396 or 427
TSB 68-T-28  p.2  3/02/68 Exhaust Manifold - 1968 Chevrolet and Truck with 307 and 327 cu in Engine and C.C.S. System
TSB 68-T-29 3/02/68 Leakage at Oil Filter - 1968 Passenger V8 Engines
TSB 68-T-31  p.2  3/05/68 Cold Start Failure - All 1968 Vehicles with V-8 Engines
TSB 68-T-35 3/19/68 Crankcase Valve Breather Element Change - 1968 Passenger Vehicles and Trucks
TSB 68-T-40 6/13/68 Repair of Rust at Rear Window Openings - 1965-68 Passenger Cars except Corvair
TSB 68-T-53 6/26/68 Thermostatically Controlled Air Cleaner - 1968 Vehicles with C.C.S.
TSB 68-T-55  p.2  7/05/68 Pinion Nose Bumper Damaged or Missing - 1968 Camaro
TSB 68-T-56  p.2  7/12/68 Refridgerant Leak - 1968 Vehicles with Air Conditioning
TSB 68-T-61  p.2  9/03/68 Driveline Clicking or Snapping Noise - 1968 Passenger Cars and 10 Series Trucks
TSB 68-T-62 9/03/68 Low Fuel Economy - 1968 Chevrolet Vehicles
TSB 68-T-63 9/13/68 Delcotron Noise (Moan) - 1968 Passenger Cars with V-8 Engines and Delcotron High Speed Fan
TSB 68-T-65  p.2  9/30/68 Inadequate Cooling - 396, 427 cu in Engines - 1968 Passenger Cars
TSB 68-T-73  p.2 12/20/68 A/C Hoses Rupturing or Blowing Off - 1968 Camaro


DocumentDate   Topic
1969 Order Form  July 68 1969 Camaro Order Form
Tune-Up Chart 1 Tune-Up Chart 2  Nov 68  3/31/69 1969 Passenger Car Tune-Up Specifications
Torque Specifications Nov 68 1969 Passenger Car Torque Specifications
CC-68-10 Dealer
 Oct 68 Factory order processing
CC-69-2 Dealer
 Feb 69 New houndstooth interiors
CC-69-2 Dealer
 Feb 69 69 brake inprovements
PCB 69-C-6 3/03/69 Quadrajet Carburetor Fast Idle Cam Replacement - All 1968 and 1969 Vehicles
SIB 69-I-210/25/68 Fabric Roof Cover Repairs
SIB 69-I-3 1/14/69 Speedometer Gear Specifications - 1969 Passenger Cars
PSB 69-00-17  p.2  11/30/68 1969 Lock Cylinder and Key Information
PSB 69-68-16 3/15/69 Delcotron Drive Belt Adjustment
PSB 69-00-17 5/15/69 Liquid Tire Chain Option
PSB 69-68-27 5/31/69 Battery with side-mounted terminals
PSB 69-68-4 6/14/69 Hard Hot Restart - 427 with T60
PSB 69-68-28 6/30/69 AC ACNITER Spark Plug Information
PSB 69-00-3211/15/69 400 (402) engine released for 1969 Camaro
TSB 69-T-1  p.2 10/10/68 Removal of Head Restraints from 1969 Passenger Cars
TSB 69-T-3  p.2 11/11/68 Low Fuel Light Wired to Oil Pressure Tell-Tale - 69 Camaro with gauge option
TSB 69-T-8 4/15/69 Chambered Exhaust System - 1969 Chevelle and Camaro (revised)
TSB 69-T-912/23/68 Hard Hot Cranking - 1969 Passenger Cars with 350 cu. in. Engines
TSB 69-T-26 4/04/69 Hard Hot Restarting - 1969 Passenger Cars with 427 cu. in. Engine and Heavy-Duty Battery
TSB 69-T-29 4/25/69 Fuel Line "Ticking" Type Noise - 1968-1969 Passenger Cars
TSB 69-T-33 5/13/69 Speedometer Cable Oil Leakage - 1969 Passenger Cars
TSB 69-T-34  p.2  5/27/69 Reverse Brake Moan - 1969 Chevelle, Camaro, and Nova with Drum Brakes
TSB 69-T-37  p.2  7/08/69 Crankshaft Pulley Cracking - 307-327-350 Engines with Air Conditioning
TSB 69-T-38 7/08/69 Axle Gear Noise - 1969 Passenger Cars with Automatic Transmission
TSB 69-T-42 9/24/69 Windshield Cracking - 1969 Camaro and Nova
TSB 69-T-44  p.2 10/21/69 Air conditioning hose damage - 1969 Camaro with V8 Engine
TSB 69-T-45 3/24/70 1969 Turbo Hydramatic 350 Tranmission Governor Gear Failure


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