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While we previously had a separate CRG question submission form, we now ask that you please ask your questions via the CRG Forum. Access to the CRG Forum can be found via this CRG Forum link or via the link on the CRG home page. If you are not registered with the CRG Forum, you may do so at the registration link.

In its first years, CRG regularly maintained this ASK CRG! page, giving readers an opportunity to submit questions via a web-based form. For a time, we tabulated the questions and answers. However, when the CUS/CRG Forum was kicked-off, we began to deemphasize on-line responses to ASK CRG!   Starting February 2000 we eliminated updates to the ASK CRG! questions and answers, and starting Feburary 2005 we eliminated the ASK CRG! question submission form; we now ask that readers please direct questions to the CRG Forum.

However, you can still read the archives from the previously asked questions, and CRG responses:

Click Here To Read the ASK CRG! Archives

Before you ask your question on the CRG Forum, here are four of our most frequently asked questions/answers:

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