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CRG Active Research Topics

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Help contribute to CRG Research!

CRG is actively researching many first-generation Camaro configuration, production, and restoration topics. We are soliciting information from our web site readers on the specific topics below. If you would like to contribute data on any of these specific research topics, please send an email to the contact listed. Note that we do not release, without permission, owner-submitted data that can be traced back to a specific vehicle or owner.

The CRG email contact for the following topics is .

The CRG email contact for the following topics is .

The CRG email contact for the following topic is .

We are also researching the following additional topics, but we would appreciate it if information related to these topics could be posted on the CRG Forum. (Not a CRG Forum member yet? Register here: CRG Forum Registration.)

CRG Active Research Topics, by Grouping

  1. 1967 Topics
  2. 1968 Topics
  3. 1969 Topics

Multi-Year Research Topics

  1. Export or foreign-built models
  2. Non-Indy pace cars (Watkins Glen, NASCAR, etc)
  3. 10-bolt rear axles in original SS cars, and 12-bolt rear axles in 6-cylinder and non-SS, non-Z28, non-L30/M20 cars.
  4. Special Paint cars. We would like to find more examples of cars that received special painting and/or striping instructions. These would include special stripe colors, special body colors, special stripe styles, and stripe delete.
  5. 1969 Z10's
  6. 1969 SS350 with powerglide transmission

1967 Topics

  1. L30/M20 - We are following changes made to the L30/M20 model (327/275HP engine with 4-speed). Sometime near the same period that the radius rod was introduced (December 1966), the L30/M20 axle was upgraded from a 10-bolt to a 12-bolt. We urge anyone with a L30/M20, especially a December- or January-built 1967 model, to submit his or her data to the CRG.

  2. Other 1967 Mid-Year Changes:
    1967 Subframe Horn Change
    1967 Subframe Horn Change


1968 Topics

We would like to better define when the following changes occurred:

  1. Elimination of the Astro-Ventilation logo on door glass. We would like to further refine when this change occurred.

  2. Dates of Misc Component Changes:

  3. Woodgrain ashtray. Starting around April of 1968, the ashtray front was changed from black to woodgrain when the surrounding molding was woodgrain (Z87, Z23, or D55).

  4. SS stripe. Transition from bumble bee to later stripe that runs down the door.

  5. Brake proportioning valve supposedly changes during 1968 from the small 1967 style to the larger 1969 style.

  6. Transition from early style quarter panel which did not have Astro-Ventilation plastic grill to later quarter panel which did. November cars had early style.

  7. Phase-in of the 2nd design 1968 front spoiler (May?).

  8. 1967 mid-year change in style of the D91 stripe from the early wrap-around version to the truncated style used in 1968.

  9. A GM bulletin describes a test fleet of late 1968 model year vehicles of various types that were used to evaluatedevelopment builds of the THM350 3-speed transmission that was introduced for the 1969 model year. These vehicles were then sold to the public following their evaluation. There were late 1968 model Camaros included in this fleet, specifically L30 327ci/275HP powered Camaros specially fitted with the THM350. CRG would appreciate any data on any of these test fleet cars, Camaro or otherwise.

1969 Topics

We would like to better define when the following changes occurred:

  1. Phase-in of the "yellow-light" stereo system in 1969 (June?).

  2. Phase-in of the 1-piece 1969 kick-panels (January / February timeframe).

    Early (2-Piece) 1969 Kick Panels
    Early (2-Piece) 1969 Kick Panels

  3. Phase-out of the D96 fender striping on 1969 Z28s with Z21 or Z22 (February?).

  4. On 1969 big block THM400 cars, a fast-idle solenoid appears to have been used on some cars, but not others. We would like to understand why.


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