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CRG Web Site Objectives

Version: Wednesday, 12-May-2010 22:50:36 EDT

Site Philosophy

Our site objectives are:

  1. Accurate, Objective, Useful Content

    Our research strives to be accurate and traceable to original GM documentation and/or original vehicle data. We have no (or few) preconceived notions of what should or shouldn't be true. We regularly challenge long-time "truths" in the face of evidence to the contrary. Being an unfunded, unsponsored group, we have no inherent biases due to a funding source. We are not formally associated with any club and we will support equally any and all clubs or other web sites that maintain objectives that are consistent with ours. We have in the past, and will continue for the foreseeable future, to turn down offers to become more commercially oriented.

    We focus on normative practices, so we cannot guarantee our data to be 100% applicable without exception. We cannot guarantee our data to be error-free - it is important that you read the CRG Disclaimer - but we believe any data we publish to be the best available. Any errors or ambiguities that are found are corrected as soon as we find them or when verified after being brought to our attention. In many cases we will make statements, and attempt to clearly note these as such, that indicate our best and most current opinion on a topic that is not yet definite and continues to be researched; there is obviously less certainty associated with such statements and readers should be correspondingly more cautious if applying such statements to a restoration.

  2. Easy Site Maintenance

    Immediately following accuracy in importance to us is ease of maintenance. A large site (and this grows ever larger) becomes increasingly more complex to manage with a part-time volunteer staff. However, by retaining full control we know what is here and what is not here - if a change is made it was done by a CRG member. The CRG only offers features that are easy to manage. To this end we make heavy use of Server Side Includes and Cascading Style Sheets to standardize the look and feel of the site across dozens of pages, with minimum effort on our part. This is at some slight expense in loss of speed by the viewer, which we feel is barely noticeable and well worth the cost.

  3. Logical Organization and Accessibility

    We have attempted to organize data so that it can be easily found, with as many cross-references as we have time to add and more and better ones added with each revision. Comments that will improve site flow and organization are always appreciated. The optional navigator window and page-top navigation title bars are two ways we have tried to improve your ability to move around the site.

  4. Minimization of Page Download Times

    You should never see a truly large graphic [2007 Editor's Note, what is considered "large" does change over time] being downloaded on a CRG page unless you have selected something for more detailed viewing. We really hate waiting for downloads, and we know many of you are of like mind. At the same time we realize that the site should use graphics more effectively in illustrations and story-telling and we will be adding more graphic images in each subsequent edition. If you are heavily into graphics, there are many other sites that focus on Camaro images - with our current staff we would prefer to simply link to the best of these rather than duplicate what has already been done by people that are better at graphics than we could ever be anyway.

Optional Browser Extensions

As time goes by we expect to add additional, optional, site features that will provide added value to those able to use them. These site features will require that certain browser capabilities be both available and turned-on. By the very nature of these being extended, though standard, capabilities, there will unfortunately be a subset of viewers that cannot (not having a browser so capable) or will not (by virtue of refusing to turn-on these browser capabilities) take advantage of these features. Two examples of this in the current version of the site include the Site Navigator window and dynamic footnotes. These features use JavaScript to provide some basic dynamic content that make the site more useful. If you do not have JavaScript, or if you have it turned off, you will not be able to use these features.


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