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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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  1. General Information
    1. What does the CRG mean by "normative practice?"
    2. [05-Jan-2004] Update: Why is there a difference between the car model year and the calendar year?
    3. Why do I keep hearing about an "F-body?"
    4. When were the first-generation models built?
    5. [17-Jan-2005] Update: Where were first-generation Camaros built?
    6. What models were available?
    7. [17-Jan-2005] Update: How many first-generation Camaros were built?
    8. [08-Jan-2001] Update: How many Camaros were built with xx, yy, and zz options (or colors, etc)?
    9. What are the best sources of information and data on my car?
    10. How can I find out about the past history of my car?
    11. What are the major differences between the 1967 and 1968 models?
    12. What are the major differences between the 1968 and 1969 models?
    13. What were some of the changes occurring mid-year?
    14. What are some curious Camaro trivia?
    15. What major option packages were available on the Camaro?
    16. How do I recognize the differences between first-generation high-performance models?
    17. How do I distinguish the L30/M20 and LM1/M20 models from their better known relations?
    18. What were some of the rare options available on the Camaro?
    19. What else was special about a first-generation Camaro Z-28?
    20. What are Pace Car Camaros?
    21. What is a COPO Camaro?
    22. [09-Jan-2006] Update: What is a double COPO Camaro?
    23. What is a Yenko (or Baldwin-Motion or Berger or...) Camaro?
    24. Which Camaros are worth the most?

  2. Underhood (non-Engine) Items
    1. [23-Feb-2007] Update: CRG Research Report: 1967-1969 Camaro Cooling Systems (including radiator and fan usage)
    2. [26-Apr-1999] New: Differences Between the SS Hood Spring and the Non-SS Hood Spring
    3. [23-Feb-2007] New: 1967-1969 Camaro Batteries

  3. Engine/Induction/Exhaust
    1. What engines were available for the Camaro?
    2. Why was a 302 motor available for the Camaro Z-28?
    3. [23-Dec-1998] Correction: Do all V8 1967-69 Camaros use the same engine mounts and engine mount (frame) brackets?
    4. [14-Jan-2000] New: How were replacement engines and transmissions coded?
    5. [02-Aug-2000] Update: What are the correct pulleys for various applications?

  4. Transmission/Drivetrain/Rear-Axle
    1. What is a Powerglide transmission?
    2. When was the THM350 transmission first offered?
    3. When was the THM400 transmission first offered?
    4. [25-Aug-1999] Update: What were the stock transmission gear ratios for the Muncies (and how do I ID a Muncie)?
    5. [25-Aug-1999] Update: What is that whining noise coming from my Muncie M22?
    6. [06-Oct-1998] New: What are the differences in 4-speed shifters?
    7. [10-Nov-1998] New: How do Camaro transmission crossmembers change with application?
    8. [14-Jan-2000] New: How were replacement engines and transmissions coded?
    9. What are some transmission trivia?

  5. Suspension/Tires/Brakes/Wheels
    1. [23-Dec-1998] Update: What determined whether a Camaro got mono- or multi-leaf springs?
    2. [18-Jul-2002] Update: What models received 12-bolt axles?
    3. [06-Oct-1998] New: What were the major differences in brakes?
    4. [31-May-2003] New: Why is the rear brake line pressure regulator valve (mounted on the subframe under the driver's door) on some cars but not on others?
    5. [04-Dec-2006] Update: What were the major differences in wheels?

  6. Exterior Related
    1. [25-Aug-2000] New: How many colors did Camaro share with Corvette?
    2. [24-Jan-2002] Update: How many Camaros were built in a given color?"
    3. Why was there a Camaro color called "Hugger Orange?"
    4. What is the correct trunk lid striping for a Z-28 with a spoiler?
    5. [18-Dec-2002] Update: What SS hood ornament was used where and when?
    6. Is it true that black-out paint was applied by the factory, and if so, for what models?
    7. [05-Feb-2002] New: What grille style and color was applied to what 1969 Camaro model?

  7. Interior Related
    1. Which Camaros got rear seat arm rests?
    2. [10-Nov-1998] New: What tachometers were used in '69 Z28?
    3. [05-Feb-2002] New: What components received woodgrain trim on the 1969 Camaro?

  8. Model Identification and General Numbers Decoding
    (This is no longer in FAQ form as of 09-Mar-2007)
    (Drivetrain decoding has been moved into a new drivetrain decoding section)

  9. Drivetrain Decoding
    (This is not in FAQ form)
    (This is an expanded version of content that was formerly in the decoding FAQ.)

  10. Option Lists and Detailed Discussions
    (This is not in FAQ form)


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