Feature Car: October/November 2018

1969 Camaro Z28, owned by Eldon Walberg

The feature car is a very nice 1969 Z28 owned by Eldon Walberg.

Information from NCRS indicates an official production date of April 2, 1969. This car was delivered to and sold new at Polar Chevrolet in White Bear Lake, Minnesota (the Minneapolis area). The trim tag shows the 5th week of March from the Norwood plant, with the X77 code. This a black 10 10 paint code car with ivory/black 727 interior code.

Eldon bought his Z28 in 1996 from the second owner. That person received the car for graduation in 1970, so it was one year old when he got it. The original owner got it in 1969 for graduation, but had to sell it the following summer due to too many tickets.

Eldon says that when got the car in 1996, it was pretty much as you see it in the pictures. It did have a repaint around 1979 or 1980. At the time of purchase, it had side pipes on it, but they were rusting. So the side pipes were replaced with headers. A piece of the original chambered exhaust was included with the car. Eldon still has the born with headlights and battery cables for the car. For now, they are safely packed away. The car has newer wheels, and Eldon is not sure if the trim rings and caps are original or not.

Eldon says that he talked to the previous owner's son this summer and the son told him that his dad was going to call. But he never did. Eldon is really hoping to get some Day 2 pictures of the car.

This car has the original drivetrain components - Engine/Transmission/Rear Axle. The intake, starter, alternator and front shocks are the ones from the assembly line. The original distributor was replaced with a mallory dual point, the stock exhaust manifolds/smog pump were taken off, and the rear shocks had been replaced by air shocks. Jerry M. inspected and documented the car in 2007. Since then, Eldon purchased all the parts that were missing. He is trying to get the car back close to original condition.

The interior is all original and in great shape. Luckily the AM radio was never taken out, but a rear speaker was added. The carpet is faded, but looks good for being 50 years old. The dash, headliner and seat covers are in very good shape as well. The car runs great and only shows 38,800 miles.

Thank you Eldon for submitting pics and information about your car!

-Bryon Miller



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