Feature Car: February/March 2018

1969 Camaro, owned by Mike Copeland

This Lemans Blue 1969 Camaro was built the first week of November 1968 at the Norwood vehicle assembly plant. It was born with a 327/210 hp engine (FK code), Powerglide transmission and 3.08 ten bolt rear axle. It was sold new in Lakeland, Florida.

Mike is the original owner, and here is the story, mostly in his words.

In late March of ’69, Mom announced that she was going to trade in her ’62 Falcon. I thought – Finally! Maybe we can have a decently cool car now!! At the time I was not quite 15, but Dad had been letting me drive every time I wanted (every weekend that I spent with him!) since I was 12. I had already been quickly affected with GearHeaditis (which I’ve never managed to get rid of) from the time I was 12. Slightly later, Mom started off by telling me that since I was going to be *officially* driving soon, she wanted my opinion on cars. I thought – Even More Cool. Then she dropped the bomb. She said that the car was going to be be MINE, and that she would put my name on the title! Unbelievably cool!! So, of course my question was what kind of car could it be? She said that I was going to pick it out!!! After I recovered from the shock and picked up my lower jaw from the floor, my immediate response was – Let’s go to the Chevy dealer. When she asked about the car I was interested in, I answered with the ONLY possible answer – a Camaro!

Off to the dealer we went – I could hardly contain my excitement! By the time we got there, I had her convinced that I absolutely HAD to have one with a 427/4 speed. We looked all over the lot at numerous shiny new Camaros, with a salesman tagging along. He smelled an immediate sale, so we couldn’t shake him. After a while – Mom made him earn his money – we proceeded to the show room office. He walked away to get an inventory list, and when he returned, I was just going over the final sell on Mom. REALLY bad timing – he heard me mention the 427 and told Mom that if I had something like that, I’d wrap it around a tree and get killed! That’s all Mom had to hear, and she said NO way could I have that one! No amount of foot shuffling or begging worked – I couldn’t get what I wanted. I REALLY hated that salesman.

So – I asked Mom about the Blue one outside – that’s the one here. So obviously I got it. I have all the original documents, too! The original receipt is dated April 7th, 1969.

This is a fairly low optioned car. Base engine and transmission, power steering, factory air conditioning and dog dish hub caps. The only thing not original (other than items that wore out) is the paint. I got so tired and disgusted with seeing the crappy paint (the pic of the car at Daytona – early ‘98) that I gave in and had it painted. It was repainted in late ‘98 in the original color lacquer. The car was stripped to bare metal and done right. The front clip came off, the interior was temporarily removed and all the glass came out. The windshield was replaced at that time. As of the summer of 2017, the car had 86,250 miles on the odometer. Except for the water pump, no gasket in the engine has been broken. All the trim and interior is original. The shocks were replaced and the carb was rebuilt in the summer of 2017.

The transmission has never been worked on, but it will be freshened soon. The rear springs will also be replaced with an Eaton set due to fatigue. The paint is showing it’s age, but I can’t find anyone that’ll touch a lacquer job for touch up – though I’ve done what I could. There’s an airbrushed tag on the front that says “My Addiction”, which pretty well describes it!

Mike - Thank You for submitting your photos and the complete history of your car!

-Bryon Miller



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