Feature Car: February/March 2017

1969 Camaro Z28, owned by Charles Burcher

This is the second 1969 Z28 that Charles has owned. The first was bought new in 1969, but sold in 1973. That car was burgundy and like many people, gas prices and other things weighed into his decision to sell the first car.

In the Fall of 2014, Charles was looking at some old photos and realized how much he missed his first Z28. At that point he decided to start looking for another one. Over the next several weeks he searched for a Camaro that matched his original car, but he did not have any luck. Then he found this car at a dealer in Grand Rapids, MI.

The car had been purchased new at a dealership in Chapel Hill, NC and it had spent most of its life in North Carolina. There was documentation of all of the owners over the years (mostly former titles) and there was one form which had the names of two people that purchased the car when it was new. They bought the car in late March of 1969 for $3780. In late May of the same year, the car was repossessed, after only paying $105 on the loan. After that, the car went through several owners in the area. It eventually ended up in Michigan, when that person moved or was transferred. That is when Charles found the car.

It was fortunate that past owners kept copies of the titles, which showed the mileage with each new title. Charles does not have the original Protect-o-Plate, window sticker or any other documentation, but the title information is a great source that tracks the mileage and history over the years. That is a lot more than some owners have.

The car had 77,314 original miles when the car was purchased in January of 2015, and about 2000 additional miles have been put on the car since then. The car has not been fully restored, but has been maintained. There was one repaint. There are some minor imperfections on the car, some scuffs on the bumpers and maybe a ding or two. The engine history is unknown, but it runs great and still has good oil pressure. It does appear that the intake and/or heads may have been removed at some point in the past. Overall it is in very good condition for a 48 year old car.

The engine, transmission, rear axle, radiator, carpet, headliner, seats, door panels, dash pad and glass in the car are all original.

Charles would like to make the car even closer to original over the next few years. He has added original style Goodyear tires, power steering and a few original type nuts and bolts here and there. The only change away from original is the addition of ceramic coating on the exhaust manifolds.

Charles is still looking for the burgundy Z28 that he bought new in 1969. Let's all wish him good luck on his quest.

Charles - Thank You for submitting your photos and the history of your car!

- Bryon Miller



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