Feature Car: August/September 2017

1968 Camaro Z28, owned by Skip Lecates

This car is no stranger to CRG, it was one of the first cars in the Original Cars and Details section in mid August 2016. Skip is the current owner of this unrestored Rallye Green 1968 Camaro RS/Z28. He bought it from the original owner in 1989.

This vehicle was purchased new in the summer of 1968 from the Ammon R. Smith dealership in York, PA. That is the same dealership that sponsored famed drag racer Dave Strickler - who also drove a 1968 RS/Z28 that year. The gentleman that purchased the car lived in a small town outside of York. Around 1973 or 1974, the original owner decided he wanted to purchase a Chevrolet and use the Z28 as a trade in. This was not at Ammon R. Smith, but at the dealership in his home town - Sterner Chevrolet. They only offered him $300 (which was crazy) and he told the salesman that the Muncie transmission was worth more than that! The salesman responded with something close to "I know - but we just can't sell them". This was of course the time of increased gas prices. Being irritated with the offer, he stuck the car in his mom's wooden un-attached garage behind the house. The car sat there unused for years, since the owner purchased a new car - without a trade in. He also moved to New York some time later.

Fast forward to the mid 80s. Skip was picking up a car that needed to be take to the shop he was working for, and one of his associates pointed and said "there's an old Z28 in that garage". Skip of course remembered that and some time later, he was in the area again. This time the garage door is open and the mother of the owner is there. Skip asks if he can take a look at the car. Because there was so much dust on it and the lighting was so bad, he could hardly see the stripes. A quick look over and it was determined things were good. The owners mother commented that she would really like to see the car gone. So, Skip contacted her son and started a discussion. Like many people, the owner was not sure if he wanted to sell the car he had purchased new. It took a long time, but he did finally decide to sell. The car was purchased in the spring of 1989. At that time the odometer read a little over 39 thousand miles.

Pics above are the car, "dusty as found" and right after being cleaned up in 1989.

Interior pics, standard black bucket seats. This is all factory original.

The car is driven to local shows and enjoyed. Current mileage is still less than 42,000.

Skip - Thank You for submitting your photos and the history of your car!

More pics available at this link.

- Bryon Miller



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