Feature Car: April/May 2018

1968 Camaro Z28, owned by Harvard Isaak

This British Green 1968 Camaro was built the fourth week of May 1968 at the Los Angles vehicle assembly plant. It was "born with" a 302/290 hp engine (MO code), M21 Muncie close ratio transmission and 3.73 positraction twelve bolt rear axle. The original production date was May 27, 1968. It was sold new at Camp Chevrolet in Spokane, WA.

Here is the story of the car, mostly in Harvard's words.

The pictures above are from the early 70s with Washington plates, so this was probably the original owner. In the pictures at this time it had a cowl hood added, no spoilers or trim, but it did have chrome mud flaps on the rear.

Harvard bought the car from his neighbor in 2005. He wasn't looking to buy it, he just told him that if he ever sold it to come to him first. Harvard had a 68 Camaro SS in high school and always loved that car. He had thought about getting another Camaro for years. One night, the neighbor called and said that he had someone that wanted to buy the car, but he was giving Harvard first shot at it. Obviously the transaction took place.

It is believed that the previous owner bought the car in 1990. He said the person that he bought it from had sold the car in a rage, because he found out it did not have the original engine. Harvard even has the plaque that was made up for the car detailing the "original DZ" engine and M22 transmission. A CE coded engine came with the car and that is probably the one that was put in when the original was taken out for whatever reason. Someone put the DZ engine into the car, either not knowing is wasn't original or not caring. Unfortunately that DZ block spun a rod bearing and cracked the main webbing. The CE block was then installed a few years ago after the complete engine was rebuilt and balanced. It is running great now.

Harvard says that after a lot of time and research on the CRG site that he has tried to find out what the car would have been equipped with from the factory. He has been trying to bring it back to that condition. The original transmission was also gone (a Borg Warner Super T10 was in its place) but Harvard was able to find the original Muncie main case. The transmission was rebuilt with correct dated parts. The spoilers on the car and some other items were removed, and will be sold to help finance some of the higher priced items that are missing (distributor and fan clutch). The hood will be replaced with a correct flat hood used on all 1968 Z28s. Harvard plans to do a frame off restoration someday in the future.

Harvard - Thank You for submitting your photos and the complete history of your car!

-Bryon Miller



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